Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What do you mean, it's closed every Sunday??

So, Sunday (Nov 22nd, if you're keeping track), Damon and I had a rocky start to our Sunday.

First, we woke up and our power went out. So, no hot water (couldn't get the pilot light lit to heat the water), so no shower, and no electricity.

Then, we were like, ok, let's go to brunch at that one place that looked like they have a good brunch. Get there, they're closed Sunday.

Ooo-k. So then, we think, fine, let's go food shopping at the Central Market and get stuff for dinner. And they're closed! And apparently, they've always been closed on Sundays. It seems we were traveling so much every single weekend, we never even noticed the market was closed every sunday.

(and there was a really gross pigeon who had a stump for a foot hanging around outside).

But, we ended up getting food elsewhere, we got the power situation back up and working, and all ended up happy : D

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