Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Old fashioned girl in jeans

Damon and I came across a crazy sight today- we were walking in the main part of Florence, when all of a sudden, we heard drums. Thinking it was a parade, we went over to the square and saw what basically was a Renaissance Faire-type recreation, complete with a drum corps and tons of people in Renaissance clothing. (of all times to have forgotten my camera! argh!)

It was really cool watching the drum/ color guard performance they gave- we must have missed the first part, because after that, they all seemed to pack up and leave pretty quickly... it appears they were helping the opening ceremonies for a weekend long New Olive Oil festival (where local olive oil producers come and sell the season's latest pressing of Olive Oil)...

Anyway there was this pretty girl who was hoisting her old fashioned Renaissance dress up since it was damp on the ground, and was wearing very fashionable jeans and boots underneath- it was a very funny paradox!

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