Thursday, September 4, 2008

Illustration Friday "Memory"

There was a page in an old children's book I once had that had a drawing of all these family pets that had passed away that fascinated me. This is sort of my version of that drawing, but with some of my own pets. They gave me and my family so many great memories,  I figured this would be a good one to share for this week's Illustration friday : )

*Chloe (left) and Koko (right), half siblings (belgian sheepdog and belgian malinois- same mother, but from different litters.. their mom was a police dog)
*Wishful the parakeet (I wished for a parakeet for like, two months straight before I got her, hence the name)
*Hermione (aka Ratty) the dumbo Rat who used to get her own muffin special made for her (no chocolate chips!)
*The three brother cats Lucky, Baby and Max (left to right), who we found in the attic of our garage when they were a day old.  Max seriously had a smiley face pattern on his belly!


Harley Quinn said...

Awww! Super cute! Luv it!

Eric Barclay said...

Beautiful work! Perfect for the theme.

Stacia said...

Wow! This makes me sentimental...I'm sitting here drinking my coffee and thinking of my own pets. Great piece!

Origami_girl said...

Hi Daisy! I know I haven't been commenting (sorry 4 that) But all your drawings rock! I love this 1! Keep it up... And now I have an art blog too! check it out!

I haven't posted any drawings yet but I will soon...


Bobo Cat said...

Very lovely and touching drawing!

damon said...

super cute drawing

i love it

Michael said...

This is a cool idea. I know if I did this, i would have tons of goldfish swimming around above me... all named "Fishy Hendron"


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