Sunday, August 3, 2008

The secret tool on the Utility Belt

So, after watching The Dark Knight today, we pondered, when does Batman have time to apply all that greasepaint around his eyes before fighting crime? That's the deleted scene I want to see- of him getting ready and touching up his make-up with his Bat Compact.

Batman- fighting crime with FABULOUS dark smokey eyes.


Harley Quinn said...

LOL! Did u like the movie? I saw it opening day and I LOVED it!

Fulanita said...

Big Fan of the Dark Knight! Awesome meeting you guys the other day, Daisy. Good to know Brandy is in good company!

Alina Chau said...


Great to finally meet you too!! Thank you for coming to the show!! See you on Wed!! :) Have a great sunday!

damon said...

yes awesome!

i always wanted to see the seen were bat man takes off the mask
and we see Bruce with raccoon eyes

great drawing too i love his prissy attitude

laughingwolf said...

chunky, ultra feminine bat 'girl'? :O lol


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