Monday, August 4, 2008

Comic-Con Inspired by: Bill Presing

Another great artist I got to meet down at Comic-Con was the very talented Bill Presing, who draws uber-cute pin-up girls. I got to pick up his latest book, "Book Plate Betties," and it's lovely! Pages and pages of cute girls in cheesecake-y poses with gorgeous and deceivingly simple watercolors.

This piece (and yes, it's me doing my fire dancing!) is inspired by Bill's work and his style - and in addition, he's also a fellow animation person, working up at Pixar (check out his Totoro piece as well!) He was very nice and pleasant to talk; and it's always great to meet another talented animation person doing art! Check his stuff out!

Bill Presing


damon said...

that is uber cute

Harley Quinn said...

I love it! Very cute!


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