Saturday, August 23, 2008

Crazy for Cult show!

Had a great time at the Crazy for Cult 2 show this evening at Gallery 1988; ran into plenty of friends, both old and new! Got to meet and talk to Scott Mosier (the second half of Kevin Smith's podcast, Smodcast), which was great, and hung out with the greatly talented Jim Mahfood- I even got an amazing arm magic marker "tattoo" from him! (it's beautiful!!) So today's piece goes out to Jim and his awesome style- totally inspired by my arm right now!


Harley Quinn said...

You got a tattoo!? Cool!

*daisy said...

Ha ha ha! Not a real tattoo- just a magic marker one! I'm not into real tattoos- they're too permanent! I like the idea of it washing off in a week ; )

Harley Quinn said...

OHHH! Thats still pretty cool!

Gary Clair said...

Hey! Nice meeting you and your beau last night!!
That was a fun opening.


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