Wednesday, February 4, 2009

LA Myth- THIS Saturday!

Just a quick reminder that LA Myth is THIS Saturday!
February 7, 2009
Meltdown Comics and Gallery
7522 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90046

Here's my finished piece- it's called "Ángel de Fuego"

It's about the Fire Spirit (The Angel of Fire) who visits Los Angeles every year.  It is inspired directly from both the Griffith Park fire from two years ago and from last fall's SFV's Sesnon fires, which wiped out the canyon where I keep my horse.

I love the theme of fire, because although it's destructive and deadly, it's also cleansing and purifying, and a symbol of rebirth. Already in the canyon up near Chatsworth grass and plants are growing back- bright green vegetation shooting up against the charred landscape.

(Because in the end, isn't Los Angeles the place all us dreamers go to reinvent ourselves to be who we want see ourselves to be- the true LA Myth?)


Christy said...

That is gorgeous!!

jess gonacha said...

wow, what an interesting piece! it's lovely!

Ashley said...

looks great in person, especially seeing it from across the room, it has a glow in the center.
and i like that she's naked.


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