Thursday, February 5, 2009

Robin Fairy (and Illustration Friday- Flawed!)

Originally wanted her to be more of an angel, but she's really more of a fairy, isn't she?

I was worried this page would be messed up and flawed, because somehow my sketchbook got water damage to it sometime in the past few days, so a bunch of pages are sticking together (and ripping- eeek!). But I managed to get something cool out of this page, and the rip doesn't bother me in the scan as much as it does in person.

(PS- I'm seriously in love with my Japanese Pentel whiteout brush pen- alas, it's running out of white out ink- need to hit up Kinokuniya  (my local Japanese stationary store) to find another one! (it's a brush pen + white out in one- fantastic, but impossible to find online so I may share it with all of you!)


Matthew Smith said...

beautiful illo!! great work!

Black And Red said...

Beautiful! Just stunning!

Anonymous said...

That's amazing - love it. I'm also jealous of your white-out pen, I've never heard of anything like that before but it sounds incredibly useful!

Great blog - your drawing style is beautiful.

Ashley said...

so cute!
she looks like you!


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