Monday, January 26, 2009

The Lord God Bird

My sketchbook is an old birding book, and had this fantastic page in it illustrating the Ivory-Billed woodpecker , also known as the "Lord God Bird" or the "Good God Bird" from the exclamations of awed onlookers, since it's a huge species of woodpecker. It was thought extinct from 1944 until 2005, when there were a few confirmed sightings around Arkansas.


cyberthrush said...

that's a great illusration I don't recall ever seeing before. Can you say what the name of the "old birding book" is, and who the illustrator was?

*daisy said...

the book is "Song and Garden Birds of North America" by alexander wetmore, printed by national geographic 1964

the page of credits i have in the beginning (most of the pages are gone, since it's been converted to a sketchbook, but the ones I have) says paintings by Allan Brooks and Walter A Weber.

: )

cyberthrush said...

thanks for the info; oddly enough, turns out I have that very book on my shelf, but just hadn't looked at it for many yrs. (and Walter Weber's name is in corner of the illustration).

Black And Red said...

Wow! Thats amazing Daisy! Wonderful job!


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