Sunday, September 7, 2008

Guilty Pleasure

So, my guilty pleasure (and what should have been my Illustration Friday entry for "Fierce" way back when) is America's Next Top Model, which is total junk food television, but OH SO AWESOME. Add in a drinking game, and you have some quality bonding time with the reluctant boyfriend. Extra added bonus- they have a pre-op transgender this season! drama!

Anyway,this is my ode to Ty Ty (or, as you may know her off the ANTM forums, Tyra Banks), which we all know the show is really about anyways...


damon said...

god help me

nice drawing

Harley Quinn said...

Hahaha! Cool drawing!

Ghostgirl said...


I'm *so* rooting for Isis. If not her, then possibly Analeigh. Nervous girl can be voted off like, yesterday hellooo. heh.


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