Friday, August 8, 2008

I (heart) Olivia Munn!

I'm a big fan of G4's Attack of the Show, which is a fun, quirky daily show about random silly and geeky tech news.  One of the co-hosts is the ever-adorable Olivia Munn, who I saw twice down at Comic-Con- she's just as cute in person!  I love her sense of humor- she seems like she'd be a cool gal to hang out with.

Anyway, still working on my caricature skills- drew this while watching AoTS this evening..  enjoy! : )


Cateris said...

Hi, thanks for the comment!
Great caricatures - Olivia's great, I watch that show too. May I ask what new children's show you are working on? I was looking into doing background paintings myself...

damon said...

that is super cute

i like your resent style

Shano said...

From the neck down it could be Britney Spears.

Love the horse paintings, btw!


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