Saturday, August 2, 2008

Comic-Con Inspired by: Jeremy Bastian

So I finally finished my piece from yesterday- this piece is inspired by Jeremy Bastian, a really great artist whom I've mentioned before. I was so excited to get to meet him at the Comic-Con- I wasn't even sure he'd be there, but I was lucky enough to happen across his booth and get to check out his stuff in person! His Tenniel-like illustrations are just exquisite, and he is such a nice and friendly artist to talk to. He has a great sense of combining mythological, grotesque, and fairy-tale like elements into his characters and pieces.

I managed to get a gorgeous griffin print from him, which is distressed to look aged and worn (giving it such a fantastic vintage look), and get to ask him about his upcoming book of compiled "The Cursed Pirate Girl" comics, which looks like it will be coming out in October. He also gave me and Damon a set of three beautiful prints of some of his characters from Cursed Pirate Girl- they'll look so nice framed together!

Anyway, I highly recommend checking Jeremy's work out- it's absolutely beautiful to look at and study all the details, and (as if it's not obvious to any long time reader of this blog), I have a penchant for things aquatic, so all his nautical themed art is right up my alley!

Jeremy Bastian
Jeremy's Blog


Lisa Chellman said...

I love how it turned out!

What are those kinds of horses called: mer-horses or something more Greek-sounding? There are a bunch of them in Buckingham Fountain in Chicago, and I kept wanting to call them something fancy, but couldn't think what!

Harley Quinn said...

It turned out really great!

*daisy said...

Hi Lisa!

Those mer-horses are called hippocampus (which are also a part of the brain, interestingly enough!) If you google just hippocampus by itself, you get just brain links, but if you add "horse" to the search, you get all the greek mythological references... cool, huh?

(and thanks as always for the kind comments, Maddy!) : D

Harley Quinn said...

Your welcome!

A Print A Day said...

this is a beauty!


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