Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mermaid with seahorse

I have no idea why I'm on such a mermaid kick lately- it's like my default drawing nowadays! At least I try to change the style up a little, right? ; )


laughingwolf said...

gorgeous, love the wee seahorse, too :)

Harley Quinn said...

Same here!

Elizabeth said...

That's fine with me; keep them coming!

I do like that you are experimenting with style, though. I have a difficult time deviating, so I appreciate seeing that. :D

Origami_girl said...

Hi im lilly! Im also maddy's sister! I luv ur blog! I do alot of drawing myself but ur way better than me! I luv betman and of course the joker! Thats why i have that icon. Anyways I have been reading ur blog alot! Its really cool! Keep up the good work!

Matthew Jeske said...

At least your default drawing isn't something boring. You've got great line quality and a great sense of shape!

*daisy said...

Thanks for the encouragement everybody! Just wanted to make sure people weren't getting bored with all my mermaids ;)

Welcome Lily! Great to have new readers!! That's great you're an artist too- that's wonderful that you and Maddy both love to draw! :D

Origami_girl said...



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