Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Soo behind!

Man, I just get caught up posting to my blog only to fall behind again!

Well, I've been busy making art for a slew of shows (which I have been posting!). I also spent last weekend (well, the weekend before last) in Marshall Vandruff's Animal Anatomy three day workshop at LA Academy of Figurative Art, which totally kicked my ass! (In a good way!)

I literally have tons and tons of pages of notes and sketches of animal anatomy stuff, but I'm just posting a few of my gestural study pieces. But man, that class was awesome- if you ever get a chance to take a class by Marshall, DO IT! But seriously, it was non-stop drawing and soaking in information for three straight days! It was exhausting drawing that much!

Also, we primarily drew horses (since they are the "piano" of animals- you know the basics of a horse, you can apply it to other animals), which I totally LOVED. Seriously. Drawing horses for hours= daisy a happy girl!

We also did a fun exercise where we looked at a photo of an animal and drew a person based off the animal. These were two goats i drew into girls...

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