Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I painted today. Hooray!

So, I got a commission from an old childhood friend of Damon's who wanted a copy of my Lotus Mermaid for her daughter's room, since her daughter totally digs mermaids. (I can relate!)

The original piece that I sold was an embellished & mounted print that I sold a year ago on Etsy. It's always weird with prints, because I want to make my "art" pieces individual, and unique, and there were always things about the original that bugged me (i.e. her hands), so I offered to just make an original painting for her based off the original drawing.

Anyway, this is it! She's not varnished yet (it's so hard to photograph/scan after they're varnished), and I'm considering putting a tiny green swaroski crystal in each of her eye to add some sparkle after the varnish is on. But otherwise, I'm countin' her done.

PS- the original has uncovered boobs, but the embellished got some lotuses covering her ladies, since the piece was originally for GDG's Nickelodeon Show, and they wanted family friendly art...


elisabeth said...

ooh! I don't remember the original, but I like that she is a koi and I love how the lily pads and her hair came out! I am a sucker for lily pads. :D

Christy said...

Ohh, I totally love the colors on this. It's really great!

mrspeters said...

We can't wait to see it "in person!" Thank you!


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