Sunday, January 17, 2010

Illustration Friday: Wilderness, plus bonus lady!

For some reason, when I was brainstorming what to draw for IF's "Wilderness" theme, I thought of a fox with some sort of nymph/ spirit guardian. There ya go!

and because I love all of you, BONUS DRAWING!
I started a new sketchbook with these two; it's so pretty! (and it's from florence!)


ValGalArt said...

wonderful work!

dthaase said...

great line work

sr. calavera said...

cute fox!!!

Lisa said...

I love the girl with the fox. I hope you make a painting of it sometime!

Rui Sousa said...

Fantastic work, excellent interpretation of the theme of the week!
Would be happy to invite you to visit my site

If you have time you can also see my idea on the theme of the week

Thank you and greetings

Rui Sousa

Jessie said...

Lovely lines! A good take on wilderness too. It reminds me of the book 'Women Who Run With Wolves'! :)

Anonymous said...

Really cute illustration, the foxy is lovely!

Shirley said...

Such lovely movement in your strokes!


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