Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bon Voyage!

Hey everybody!  So, I'm leaving Tuesday for a three month teaching gig at SACI in Florence, Italy.  I'll be teaching undergraduate students digital 2-d animation (mostly flash), and am SUPER excited about it!

We had our bon voyage party at the HMS Bounty last night, and encouraged our friends to wear nautically themed clothing- this is the outfit I wore!

As a result of the travels, I'm assuming (hoping?) to have enough internet access/ photo posting access to continue posting to my blog, so I will be continuing my drawing a day, even if my blog can't be updated on a daily basis. I'll be trying to do lots of... Florence themed art, maybe some more finished pieces, and post updated on my travels here! Damon will also be coming with me, so you can follow more italy themed drawings over on his blog as well...

I don't leave til Tuesday, so you still get my drawing until then- then after that, the adventure begins!! : D

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Shadow_Gal said...

that is aw-some with some ness go Italy^-^


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