Sunday, February 1, 2009

Horse painting reception

My art reception for my large-scale horse pieces went so well tonight! It was so wonderful getting all my paintings out and up on the wall.  Hopefully they'll start selling; until then, if you missed the reception, they will be available for viewing in the store for the next few weeks or so.

Many thanks go out to everybody who came out to see my paintings- it really meant a lot to me, and it was great seeing everybody!

A big shout out to my wonderful friend and caterer, Ngoc, who prepared the delicious food

and Steve, owner of the Living Room, for allowing me to hold the reception and host all my enormous paintings in one place!


David Jack said...

I like your drawing :D nice to find your blog. Cheers from Sydney

Ngoc said...

I love the little pastry stand in the back! :)

Thanks for letting me cater, love. So glad to hear it went well!


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