Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bird negative

I had some remnant ink on the next page of my sketchbook from the markers on yesterday's drawing, and instead of fighting it/ drawing over it, I decided it looked really neat and went with it.  I like the silhouette and simplicity of this one...


Risa.050 said...

Hi, daisy. I really like your works! Those are artistic. I love art! By the way, I'm university student in Japan. I like taking photography, drawing illustration, and painting picture. I'm going to come to this blog again!

*daisy said...

hi risa! thank you for the comment on my blog!! I've been to Japan many times, and my brother studied for a semester over there as well! I LOVE Miyazaki's films! great blog- I'll be reading yours as well!! (I couldn't leave a comment on yours- had a problem with the spam filter!)


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