Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The mini-moon 11-17-08

Our full day at Post Ranch Inn was amazing- if you ever have the opportunity to stay there, DO. It is worth every penny.  While showering, (the shower/HUGE bathtub looks right out on the balcony), I saw a California Condor fly right past our cabin. It was so incredibly humongous- I've only ever seen them that up close at the San Diego Wild Animal Park, and not in full flight- it had a radio transmitter on and everything!

Our room was incredible.  The fireplace was two sided- one side faced the bathtub/shower, and the other the bed. The mini-bar was all complimentary, so we feasted on goat cheese, crackers, fruit and white wine while watching another beautiful sunset (not as beautiful as ours the day before- and I'm not just saying that!).  I woke up early that day and watched the sunrise from the infinity basking pool next to our cabin. We hiked around the property and took one of Post Ranch's complimentary convertible Lexuses out to have brunch with Damon's parents down at Deetjens and then down to Julia Phieffer Burns Park to see McWay falls.

We were driving around Highway 1 in a convertible Lexus that they lent us to drive around in!!!! AMAZING!

Drew this drawing late at night after a very romantic evening with the fireplace blazing and lots of wine- our first day as a married couple was absolutely WONDERFUL!

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