Wednesday, November 19, 2008

THE BIG DAY!!!!!! 11-16-08

Sunday, November 16, 2008, was truly a magical day.  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding- everything was just absolutely magical.  No more butterflies, no more nervousness, just a calm sense of purpose and serenity. I began getting ready at Deetjens early after breakfast, and everything just clicked into place.  I did my own makeup exactly to my makeup artist Betsy's instructions. My hair came out perfectly. My dress looked like a dream. We arrived at Post Ranch exactly at 4pm, got some pre-wedding photos with our photographer Rachael Short , and began the ceremony at 4:15.

I had told myself I wouldn't cry, but the minute our officiant, Soaring , mentioned the spirit of our ancestors around us and being there, I thought of my grandparents being there with us, and the tears began.  The ceremony was gorgeous. Soaring had the most perfect words for us, my dad read a wedding prayer that my great-grandfather had written, and everybody was in tears. The view was SPECTACULAR. The sun was slowly dipping down, giving off the most beautiful colors over the ocean, and right at the end, a deer walked by on the hillside right down from our cabin.

After an amazing dinner with all our family, Damon and I were out on the balcony looking at the bright starry sky and a crystal clear shooting star goes right over head- so bright and long and perfect. It was truly a perfect end to a perfect day!!!


Harley Quinn said...

Congratulations Daisy! I'm so glad everything was awesome!

Maggie St. said...

Congrats! You had me tearing up also!


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