Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day of the Dead bride

One year I got to go to Hollywood Forever (yes, we have a cemetery in LA that's named "Hollywood Forever".. I know) and see their fantastic Day of the Dead celebration . They have beautiful alters, dancing, food and music- it's very joyous and beautiful.  Since then, I haven't had a chance to go the past few years due to conflicts (mostly it's fallen on the same days as my parties), and whatnot, but this year it was today. Alas, I just found out now, half hour before it ends.

Maybe next year I'll make it back!  Definitely something to see if you're in the LA area...  anyway, here's my calaca bride in all her finery :)

1 comment:

Carlos Ramos said...

yay! Day of the Dead art!!

You and Ashley are totally tempting me t'do more pen and pencil work..

sorry for missing out Friday night. Ashley and I split cars and she got stuck in Hollywood traffic picking Beamer up from Burbank and I got a flat enroute to Silverlake -lame!!


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