Thursday, October 2, 2008

VP debate & Palin BINGO!

When you really pay attention to the words she says, it's surprising how she dances around certain phrases. Both my mom and Damon had different Palin Bingo cards as well, and we all came within one box of winning. Gee gosh golly!

(although if you were allowed to use both the moderators and Biden's verbage, you could have totally had a field day filling out the card. Recommendation; use "Maverick" as a key word in a drinking game next time. Seriously.)

I like the doodle of her winking the best, i think...


Ghostgirl said...

kf;dsak'fa;sdjajfkdjsafjajjahhahahhahahahhah AWESOME.

Tyedie said...

I had a different card... and I won! BINGO!

Also, our home was filled with "Did she just wink at me?" being shouted at the screen.

Anne-arky said...

lol...ours too..."doncha know."
"Dude, she just winked at you!"


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