Saturday, September 13, 2008

Flapper girl

Got all dressed up to go to the Edison Bar tonight, but the line was too long- next time!


damon said...

cute drawing

love your cartoons

Harley Quinn said...

Cute cartoon!

Elizabeth said...

Love the pic and that place looks totally amazing! Wow!

Michael said...

Its flapperiffic!

jojo said...

heehee! i've been on a flapper kick myself lately!

oh man! the edison....i actually braved the line and was too tired to have any fun once inside, much smarter move to just leave. I wanna check out the cicada club! i hear it's amazing!

ooh! and tomorrow night we're having art night at my place, all art chicks invited!

*daisy said...

thanks for the commments everyone!! : D

and thanks for the invite jojo! I wish i could make it- but I'm actually up in San Fran with the boy at the moment... next time def let me know!!!

(totally want to check out the cicada club as well- it looks like so much fun!!)


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