Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Navajo horse

I have this little day calendar that has (mostly) cheesy horse photos and quotes, but this one quote/song was pretty neat and caught my eye, so kept it aside so I could do a drawing of it... (I know it would be better in color, but I like the b/w version of the drawing.. maybe I'll do a color pass on it eventually, when it's not so late on a work night! ; )

"Navajo Song"

"My horse has a hoof
of striped agate.
His fetlock is like fine eagle plume.
His legs are like quick lightning.
My horse has a tail
like a trailing black cloud.
His mane is made
of short rainbows.
My horse's eyes
are made of big stars."


Maddy said...

Thats lovely! No idea why I'm mentioning this, but I'm teaching myself to draw Anime and Manga! Its fun!

laughingwolf said...

as one born in the year of the horse, i'm always drawn to em...

great drawing, daisy...

the song would be perfect but for the typo, i'm sure they meant 'lightning'


*daisy said...

Thanks Maddy and laughingwolf!

That's great you're teaching yourself to draw, Maddy! The best advice is just to draw EVERYTHING all the time- especially stuff from real life! That's the best practice you can get! Once you can draw things from life, then you can start making it look cartoony more easily : ) good luck!!

Harley Quinn said...

Thanx soooo much Daisy!


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