Monday, June 30, 2008

Bride Expo fatigue!

So tired today! (so please excuse the super rough doodle!) Went to the wedding expo with my fiancé, my sister, and my friend Jess- very overwhelming, but I think I met some cool vendors.

Amusing highlights of the day;
- having vendors confuse my fiancé and my sister as the couple to be
- having vendors confuse me and Jess as the couple to be
- JAZY HAIR! (enough said)

(my fiancé would like me to clarify that he wasn't nearly that excited about the free cake samples, nor was he that poorly drawn looking)


Jessica Kreig said...

Woo! I'm famous! I finally made it on Daisy's blog!!

*daisy said...

Ha ha- but when are you going to update your blog, missie??

kittens with chainsaws said...

3rd amusing highlight of the day: cake diving!


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