Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 20, 2008

"Just Looking!"

The vendors here are in-sane! They are pretty aggressive, and will try to sell you anything; there were times I wasn't even sure what they were selling, they were just listing off prices to me!! I've been offered watches, bags, countless fruits/snacks/foodstuffs, jewelry, toys, water, maps, zippy magnet things that make annoying sounds, hats, wallets, bone carving things, pan flutes, more watches, more bags, portraits, little jasmine scented dangly things made from straw, postcards, fans, necklaces, tours, photos, things with my photo on it, rollerskate dealies that attach to your shoes, and things that i'm sure i'm forgetting about, and these are things people have come up to me in the street to sell me, not including brick and mortar vendors. You can't glance at something without being descended upon by salespeople. The merchants in the shop like to yell out either "hello!" or "just looking!" which seem to be the only english they know, which strikes me as odd. Shouldn't I be the one saying, "just looking?"

The magic words are "Boo Ya," which translate to "no thanks/ not interested", which came very, very much in handy; although you have to be as persistent as they are, which can be pretty tough at times!!!

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