Monday, July 18, 2011

Agent Olivia Dunham

I *heart* Fringe! Both Fringe and Community got TOTALLY robbed this year with regards to Emmy nominations. They are such great shows; def worth the watch and DEFINITELY worth mucho Emmys!


Ms. AB Normal said...

Is it wrong i think she looked much better as Faux-livia? I'd love to see the Fringe panel but getting into anything in Ballroom 20 on a Saturday seems like a long shot to me.

*daisy said...

I liked her as both; I loved her confidence as Faux-livia, and I love redheads, but I'm still torn on the bangs. I love how delicate and sad blonde Olivia is all the time too. I'd LOVE to try and see the panel at SDCC too, but I hate waiting in line; 3+ years of SDCC and never once made it to one!


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