Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Emerald City Comic-Con 2011 Wrap-Up

A huge thanks to everybody who swung by Seattle this weekend and say to me and Damon as we headed up our first ever individual table over in Artist Alley!!

The weekend was a huge success; met many new fans, met up with old friends, and hung out with some wonderfully talented artists!

Friday Damon and I got interviewed for an awesome podcast called Air Raid, and talked about working in the industry and how we met. Go check out the podcast here!

That evening, we got to go hang out with the ifanboy people and Molly McIsaac and do some live painting with some really great artists. Damon and I got to work on a painting side by side (and with!!!) Camilla D'Errico, Scott C and Jim Mahfood. The paintings were later auctioned off for charity Saturday night.
Painting by me, Damon and Jim Mahfood!

Saturday and Sunday, we got to meet and hang out with other artists at the con. There were a bunch of Girls Drawin Girls ladies around the exhibit hall, including Laurie B, Brittney Lee, Liana Hee, Megan Levens, and Amy Mebberson.
Brittney, Me and Liana; some AMAZINGLY talented ladies!

More awesome artists who I got to run into and who you should TOTALLY check out their works are Echo Chernik, Alberto Ruiz, Drake Brodahl, Dean Trippe, Kevin Dart, and too many more to mention!

Chillin' with Scott C and Jim Mahfood

I have two remaining necklaces for sale, and a few sketchbooks and prints that I'll put be putting up on my Etsy store, so if you missed out, don't worry- there's still a few goodies left!

Here are a few commissions and sketch cards I did for folks!

All in all, a great time was had by all, and Damon and I are already signed up for ECCC 2012! 

Also, a HUGE thanks out to Jim Demonakos of Kirby Krackle for his amazing hospitality and for running an amazing show!!!


Patrick Leyendecker said...

wow congratulations, looks very cool. hope you had success and fun. greetings

GINA said...

I just realized that is me. I am sending you a picture of you and my baby from the Emerald Con.

Avalyn said...

Oh hey, I found your site while looking for pics of artist alley booths. My friend and I signed up to share a booth for ECCC 2013. Will you be back? I love your drawing style.


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