Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Impressions of NYCC

Here are a few drawings from New York Comic-Con this past weekend!

First night in NYC!

Since NYCC was paired with Anime Fest, we saw lots of Anime-type things. Including Harajuku inspired Lolita dogs outside. Yup. You heard me.

On Saturday, Paigey and her friend Fenny dressed up as Vegas showgirls to booth babe it up. It was a day of "PAIGEY'S BOOBS, oh, and girls drawin girls." HA! I'm a straight lady, and even I couldn't take my eyes off that rack! ; D

clockwise: Maria Danalakis, Erica Hesse, Paigey!, Melody Severns and Me

I drew things on Sunday, but I drew them on little art cards, and they sold right away, so I have no proof of them. But I did draw a few things! : D

ALSO, I have to give an awesome shout-out to all the amazing new and old artists I met and discovered this past weekend:

Echo Chernik, an amazingly talented artist from Florida who makes beautiful art nouveau inspired girls
Devin Clark, co-creator of Ugly Americans
Dan Goodsell of Mr Toast (who I already know, but had the pleasure of being next to at the GDG booth!)
Kirby Krackle, of the same music video Damon and I worked on
John Lustig of the hilarious Last Kiss comics
Ben Templesmith of 30 days of night fame
My Plastic Heart, where I'll be part of a group shows, "Ladies Night" in NYC in December

Go check out these amazing people! DO IT! NOW!

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