Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sex Bob-Omb

so, my husband and I went to go see Scott Pilgrim the other night. It was... ok. I seriously don't get all the hoopla about why it's so amazing; I thought Scott was a bit of a schmuck, and honestly, Ramona was too good for him. I'd be curious to see why everybody else likes it; it wasn't bad, I just don't understand all the fuss. I read the first book and really couldn't get into it. I wish it was more about the relationship between Scott and Ramona and not fight sequence after fight sequence. Plus, Scott being a schmuck and dating a. a high schooler and b. sorta cheating on her REALLY bugged me. (shrug)

The best performance / actress I dug was the hot redhead Kim Pine. 
I thought she'd make a cute surly pin-up with those drumsticks.

Also, check out the rad animated video my friend Allison Craig directed over at Titmouse featuring Kim and Scott in their high school days. Congrats Allison! : D

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Christy said...

I like the books combined with the movie - the fights work way better in the movie but the relationships work way better in the books. :D

Scott is an ass. He slowly, clumsily grows up through the books and kinda realizes that he can't keep running away from all of his mistakes and needs to own up to them. The movie was kinda like an altered summary of what actually happened with the books - same outcome but an abbreviated & altered journey.


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