Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cross Country Day 7: We survive Exit 88, only to hit... SNOW?

So, we push off from Buffalo to head over towards Bighorn National Forest.  It's raining, and we're pushing up into and through a mountain pass, and..

it starts snowing. 

In the middle of June.


We drive through about an hour of snow, which at it's peak, was about 4 inches of accumulation (we saw a snow plow go past us in the other direction), and it finally starts clearing back up into rain.

After stopping for lunch and discovering 10 pounds of packed ice and snow stuck up in the undercarriage of the van (took us an hour to figure -that- one out, why our accelerator was sticking in idle), we finally (FINALLY!) reach Cody for the night, and check into a KOA with a hot tub.

We needed to melt off the Exit 88 incident, and the snow filled- mountain pass adventure off our bodies!!

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