Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cross Country Day 10: Final Push Home

After reaching Cedar City and attempting to drive over to Zion NP, we were told the park entrance was closed for construction. So we weren't able to make it all the way there.

But we ended up passing through Las Vegas and seeing where they filmed Pawn Stars, and eating a crazy huge meal at the MGM Buffet.

The last stretch was particularly hairy, as there were crazy strong winds, it was 11pm at night (so I was pretty tired), and trucks kept zooming super fast next to us, making us rock from the wind even more. It was def one of the hardest stretches to drive!

Finally, at 1am in the morning, we rolled up to our place in Los Angeles. From one coast to another, it was pretty amazing to drive out of my driveway in DE and roll up to my house in LA. I felt very accomplished, and it sure was an amazing adventure!!

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