Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cross Country Adventure BEGINS!

Ok! Now for the deluge of posts! I know I promised that a while ago, but I'm for real now. Seriously. 

We started our trip cross-country back on Saturday, June 5th (which would be the drawings from that day). After a few delays with the van (we were driving my parents' old VW 1987 Westfalia camper van), involving starter issues and overheating, we were off!

Here is a photo of us and the van in front of our house in Delaware before heading out....

We drove out from Delaware through Maryland, and hit Pittsburgh by dinnertime. I swung by my old school, Carnegie Mellon, to show Damon the highlights, then we swung down to the Strip for some good ol' Primanti brothers sandwiches! SO delicious! We drove over to the Duquesne Incline and made the short trip up and down the hill to see Pittsburgh at dusk. Gorgeous!

It was so nice to be back and show Damon a little bit of one of my favorite cities- def have to stay longer next time! We drove out of the city and up to Beaver to stay at a campground for the night...

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