Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lady Godiva- first drawing of 2010!

I enjoyed seeing all the equestrian groups in the Rose Bowl parade this morning (on TV, even though it was short driving distance- too many crows & too early for me!)... seeing all the parade horses was my inspiration for this drawing!


damon said...

i like very cute

The Lucky Girl said...

I saw your work on the GDG Facebook page and then followed links to the Etsy store, but the links seem to be invalid (or perhaps the work has been sold). Do you have a website where you sell your work? I love love love it!


*daisy said...

Hi Jorgiana! Thanks for the lovely compliment!! : D My etsy store should be working -

You may have clicked on the etsy links for the december show stuff (the pieces in paper frames)- they're up on my site now! : D



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