Sunday, August 9, 2009

GDG Calendars! : D

The group I'm part of, Girls Drawin Girls, has two 2010 calendars up for sale, both of which include my artwork and my photo!!

For the photo calendar, I'm Ms. July (wearing a theme-appropriate nautical outfit), and for the artwork calendar, my piece for October is a day of the dead inspired girl.

We have a limited supply of our SDCC 2010 Photo-Pinup calendars left over from SDCC available for sale, plus a full stock of our 2010 Art Pin-Up Calendar.

We've knocked the price down to a low $15 per calendar, or both for $25! (two of the same, or one of each!)

The Photo Calendar features pin-up style photographs of a dozen of our talented ladies. 

The Art Calendar features a dozen new pin-up artworks by our members.

Both calendars are 11"x17" vertical layout, giving them a classic retro pin-up look!!

GDG art calendar 2010
Girls Drawin'Girls Art Calendar 2010

Girls Drawin'Girls Photo Calendar 2010


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