Monday, June 22, 2009

Chalk Festival!

I participated in the Pasadena 2009 Chalk Festival this weekend with Girls Drawin Girls- we were creating a mural over in Animation Alley, and it came out great! It was tons of fun hanging out with everybody and creating such an awesome piece, but boy, is it tiring! I'm sore in places I didn't even think I'd be sore in (who knew kneeling on the pavement for two straight days is such a workout??)

We didn't win anything, but National Geographic was taping us for a documentary project about women and murals, so hopefully when that comes out, we'll be on national tv! Whoo hoo!

Check out GDG's blog for more photos and info (later this week- I have a ton of pics, but between my show next weekend and wedding stuff and work, it's on the back burner)

(finished piece)!

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Brian S. said...

wow! that's pretty awesome! Clean too!


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