Monday, February 9, 2009

Betty Page girl

So, I found out tonight that the Derby night club closed (officially) as of 1/31/09, which made me really sad. Admittedly, I haven't been there myself in forever, but I loved the history and vibe of the place .  I tried to do a drawing of some swing dancers to commemorate it, but I really couldn't pull it off, so then I was like "cute girl in swing dance era clothes!" I think the dress is about right, but the Betty Page hair is probably a bit later, style wise, sooo... it's just ended up being a random cute Betty Page like girl.

But yeah. Derby. Closed. Sad. : (

(Derby is one of the last locations of the Brown Derby restaurants from Hollywood, and was where the 90s swing revival began- if you've seen Swingers, that's where the final scene was filmed)


Shelby said...

Amusingly enough, wikipedia says that someone bought the rights to the Brown Derby concept and opened up a restaurant in Albany NY.

I think I may have to try it someday. It's only 90 minutes away...

Great Drawing, too! I like the cartoony style

kristen said...

Wonderful blog you have here Daisy!! :D Your work is so unique and charming, I love it!


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