Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008- 365 DRAWINGS!!!

Whoo hoo! I did it! Last year's resolution- a drawing a day, 365 days of doodles! (366 days, since it was a leap year, only missed one day due to being very very ill, but I waited to do this drawing so I had an even 365 drawings).

I can't believe I did it- looking back, I really see an improvement, and it's been so refreshing to not only keep a visual journal, but see that I'm finally filling up sketchbooks with my own art again, something that I haven't done since college.

Many thanks go out to all my supporters and readers- i do have to say Special Thanks to
Maddy (my #1 fan!)
Damon (my inspiration and companion in this crazy drawing a day venture)
and shout outs to Ashley , who is starting her OWN drawing a day in 2009!

Also, christy, michael and crystal - I challenge the three of you to join us in 2009! there's still time!

In fact, I challenge all of you artists to join me in 2009 to continue a drawing a day! Lots of people think it's too hard, but it's really not.  There are many more artists like me out there that do a drawing (even painting!) a day

The biggest thing is to draw something- the point is to draw and make it a daily routine. Don't psyche yourself out by trying to make everything a masterpiece, because it can't be. Some days are awesome, some days are going to suck- the point is to do it for yourself, and do it because it's the artistic equivalent of working out.

let me know if you're going to try and do a drawing a day, and I'll add a link to you here!


Syahid said...

oopsy daisy =) wow itz an interesting
blog you have here..well since you like art, i'd like to introduce you to maybe a little out of your field, but itz still art though, my mother's blog =) have a look..she has some paintings as well =)

damon said...

wow congrats
it is tough but you did it

i really like the different styles and themes you do

my favorites are the cartoons of you but your more realistic stuff is beautiful too

great job and hears to year 2

Tyedie said...

Yay! It's been so exciting to follow along all year!

Ashley said...

congrats on drawing for a whole year!
i've enjoyed watching you play around with different styles and mediums. but most importantly, putting pencil & pen on paper and taking a break from the computer.
can't wait to see what you come up with this year!

Michael said...

Hey Daisy! Great job on the year! Too bad i couldn't keep up with you guys! Definately not an easy task, but you can sure see the development. Good luck on Year 2! I'll try to live up to your expectations ;)

Black And Red said...

great job this past year! Your a really amazing artist!

Black And Red said...

oh, and I suppose I am your #1 fan! lol Your welcome!

Anonymous said...

Great drawing. That's awesome! Now...what is your 2009 New Year's Resolution? LOL

Gillian said...

Nothing better than a celebratory drawing! Congrats! Looking forward to more of your art!

indigene said...

Now that's resolve! Congratulations! I'm seeing balloons and whistles blowing for you! Bravo!


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