Tuesday, November 4, 2008


REMEMBER!!! Go VOTE today!  Change is in the air! (crosses fingers!)

(drawing idea totally borrowed from Ann's far superior one )
In case you LA-ers need incentive to vote (other than the obvious) here are some bribes by our local merchants:
(courtesy of LA Metblogs and LA eater )
If you’d like a big “Thank You” for voting, many places around town will honor your civic duty and your “I Voted” sticker with freebies and discounts tomorrow. Big thanks toThrillist for the list.

CHAIN FREEBIES: Start off with a free cup of Joe from Starbucks and a free star-shaped donut from any Krispy Kreme, and then head to any Ben & Jerry's for a free scoop of ice cream. All Daily Grill locations are giving out free appetizers to voters, and happy hour will be expanded throughout the evening (bar only). Bless you, America. [EaterWire; Fast Food maven]

OBurger will give you free organic fries or cookies with the purchase of a burger.

If you feel the need for a drink tomorrow night (whether in celebration or just sheer relief that November 4th has finally come) Colorado Wine Company (in Pasadena) will offer 50% of selected reds and whites.

Amoeba Music will be handing out $2 gift certificates.

Tart Restaurant is offering free desserts for all comers with their I Voted stickers. They are also offering discounted drinks and a special election night menu.

Chrisophe Salon wants you to look good no matter what the outcome. They are giving 50% off gift-certificates and on the spot services.

Get your vote on early to get this deal: If you need to gird your loins in the middle of the day, Pink Taco is offering a free well-shot of tequila and three free pink tacos at lunch.

At Pitfire Pizza you can choose between either a free “Edison Ale” or a McCain/Obama specialty soda.

They have a special election night menu and are having a drawing to win a pair of “Vote Shoes” by Tom’s Shoes.

Frenchies Beauty Salon in Burbank is giving away free mugs with shampoo and conditioner.

Ask your local favorite retailer if they are doing anything to say “thanks for voting” and your sticker!

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Harley Quinn said...

I wish I could, but law says I can't. it sux. who r you voting for Daisy?


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