Thursday, August 28, 2008

Voice in a jar

I seemed to have lost my voice over the past few days- wish I could just catch it in a jar and get it back! I hate not being able to talk (or when I do, sounding like a raspy 50 year old smoker!!)


Harley Quinn said...

Thats very pretty! Nice job Daisy!

bonaska said...

I really think this is very very nice illustration... and also a good and original idea losting voice in a jar. your voice is not so important when you can draw in this kind!


GhettoFab said...

heheh maybe you could sew it to you like peter pans shadow :)

hope you feel better. great post

Anne-arky said...

hehe...reminds me of The Little Mermaid, when she got her voice taken by Ursula. :)

Hope you get your voice back before Friday! Lots of tea--with honey!

FunBox Comedy said...

It was sultry. Just like 50 year old smoker is.


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