Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gary Gygax DnD Tribute Show

So, thanks to a heads up from my friend Dee, and Chris P for letting me in at such late notice, I'm going to be in the Gary Gygax / Dungeons and Dragons Tribute show opening this Friday over at Titmouse animation studio.  Here are the details!  

Tribute to Gygax
a group exhibition celebrating the memory of Gary Gygax and his creation of Dungeons and Dragons.

Aug. 23rd - Sept. 27th

Opening Reception
Sat. August 23rd 2008
Titmouse Studios

6616 Lexington Ave.
Hollywood, CA. 90038

Hope you can make it! Here's a sneak peek at my piece that I'm showing- I'll post the entire thing on Saturday after the opening for those who can't make it...

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GhettoFab said...

fun blog daisy! Glad to have stumbled across it!


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