Thursday, June 5, 2008

The strange and fabulous Kakapo parrot

I was watching a fantastic BBC show called "The Life of Birds," by David Attenborough, and there was this segment on the New Zealand Kakapo. Coincidentally, there was a chapter in Douglas Adam's book, "Last Chance to See" about the same parrot; between the time Adams wrote the book and the documentary, the parrot has had a glimmer of hope in its comeback (meaning; thought to be extinct to 86 known surviving parrots left).

Anyway, these little guys are fascinating- they're nocturnal, flightless, and the males have these bowls that they carve out of rock/earth that they use to amplify a large "boom" noise across mountain tops and valleys that they make to attract females. And they also have little whisker like feathers around their beaks. Crazy!

Learn more about these birds (and what's being done to save them!) here


Rafael said...

Awesome color pencil work !!!!


Marc Deckter said...

oooh I like this one! Nice detailed rendering.

Maddy said...

Its very detailed! Nice job!


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