Friday, May 18, 2007

tokyo casino!

So for my environmental design class, we're designing casinos, so I've decided to do a Japanese themed casino design. I'm concentrating on the slots area, which would be contemporary Tokyo-Pop themed (skyline of Tokyo with crazy signs and lights), vs the rest of the hotel/casino, which would be more traditional and classic japanese architecture.

I've been referencing from existing casinos that have an "indoor outdoor" feel and look to them, such as Paris and New York New York, while infusing the tokyo skyline and japanese motifs. Most are pretty abstract- I'm just trying to get a sense of scale and the illusion of an exterior, while still establishing that it's indoors.

These are just value studies, so they're very rough- just getting a sense of composition and layout with these... My favorites are the one with the torii gate.


damon said...

theas are relly nice

i love the on with GODZEERA!!!!

Michael said...

Daisy, Not sure what kind of reference material you are using for your class, but something to check out might be Robert Venturi's "Learning From Las Vegas". Its a wee dated, but there are some good observations on Vegas and its casinos and their sense of space and place.


PS: These are really neat little sketches. :)


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