Monday, January 22, 2007

Saturday, Jan 20, 2007

This is a small sketch of me watching the animation program at Sundance. I had a killer headache, which sucked, but luckily there were a small handful of cool films that made it all worth it. There was also this girl that had neon green glitter "Kiss"-esque eyemakeup and bright purple hair sitting a few rows in front of me. Bizarre.

Anyway, films that I recommend for checking out are:

One Rat Short (Alex Weil)- Solid first time CG film, very nice rat animations, but a bit of a sad ending.
Duct Tape and Cover (Yong-Jin Park)- Cute parody of old 1950s nuclear fallout films with current events.

and my fave, Golden Age (Aaron Augenblick)- Sort of a "Where are they now" version of various cartoon archetypes.
(** all done in flash! Got to talk to Aaron afterwards- very cool guy)

Dreams and Desires, by Joanna Quinn was cute, if not confusing (need to watch it a second time I think), and Don Hertzfeld's latest venture of "Everything Will Be OK" was better than his last film, but not as great as his first ones... I enjoy his comedic pieces much better than these recent "artsy" films that he's been doing.

The rest... (eye twitches)... please don't ask. I've had my share of artsy films, true, but man. They (Sundance) really could have selected a better overall program, I think. But oh well.. on to my drawing of the day!

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